Characteristics of Leadership

All the stars aligned for me and I was selected to be in 40th class of Leadership Albuquerque 2020. This has been a huge opportunity for me because I have such a strong desire to be connected and contributing to the city I live in. What a great way to meet lots of “movers and shakers” that are shaping the city I moved to!

I attended the annual retreat for LA2020, which was a two day even of leadership education and information. I found this event to be to life-changing! I had realizations that were suddenly made clear, and I have made changes professionally as well as generally to my life because of it.

Early on day one was a presentation by our LA2020 Chair, Bruce Stidworthy, President and CEO for Bohannan Huston. His talk on leadership was simple, and easy to follow, but also inspiring and had some gems for take-aways. This is my summation from my notes.

7 Characteristics of Successful Leaders

Leadership by Example

1) Hard Work – There is no substitute for hard work. Sometimes this requires sacrifice, but this doesn’t mean doing something you don’t like or don’t believe in. It’s putting in the work because it’s apparent when you care to get things right. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

2) Good Work – Take pride in the work you do and measure the results because it matters. Ask for feedback and be willing to hear it. By doing things well, your reputation will precede you.

3) Relationships – Invest in your relationships and value them highly. Always speak the truth and show that you care. This means more than being sympathetic – you need to take action, show that you care. It takes time to cultivate the relationships that you may depend on.

4) Balance – It’s important to have balance in your life. As important as work is, you also need to find time to be with family and friends, as well as time for yourself – body, mind, and spirit. Also, doing work you like is a step towards balance.

5) Integrity – Make commitments carefully and demonstrate humility. Admit when you are wrong or don’t know something. Don’t be careless with the truth, even in small matters, as this will impact how others will trust you later.

6) Innovation – Try new things fearlessly. Life is a long journey of learning. Be creative and look to be inspired to help with problem-solving. The only way you will get better at doing something is to do it.

7) A Spirit of Service – Everyone is serving someone else, even when you are at the top. Get to know those you are helping and understand their problems, then use your unique skills to help them. Helping others to be successful is a win-win.

If you get a chance to meet Bruce, you will find a very humble man who demonstrates all of these characteristics. I’m looking forward to getting to know him more throughout my year with Leadership ABQ.